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Why does hair fall out?

Human hair follicles grow and develop cyclically. They grow a hair, then dump it, rest and grow a hair again. Growth cycle duration depends on the place where they grow.

For example: a head hair grows for 5-7 years, an eyebrows hair grows for 2-3 months and eyelashes hair grows only for 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, it also happens that hair falls out and doesn’t grow again.

The hair loss process usually starts in 99% of the cases due to an excess of the male hormone, i.e. testosterone. It penetrates the hair bulb and destroys it from the inside; the bulb becomes weaker, changes a cycle of hair growth and can’t longer perform its original functions. Therefore, hair first becomes thin and brittle and then stops growing at all.

Where is new hair for transplantation taken from? It isn’t sold in the store and doesn’t grow again (instead of fallen hair).

New bulbs are taken from the so-called donor site (not subject to the hair loss process) from the occipital lobe of the patient’s head. This follicle is called a graft and it will be transplanted to a new place. In some cases a graft may be taken from the body (the patient’s back, chest or thigh).

One graft can consist of 1-4 hairs depending on the individual characteristics and the skin condition of the patient’s head.

After the transplantation grafts are not rejected because they are not foreign objects to the body. Transplanted hair retains all its natural characteristics: color, texture, growth rate, as well as waviness, if the patient had it prior to the transplantation.

May it happen that suddenly transplanted hairs are attacked by the dangerous hormone testosterone and fall out again?

The hormone testosterone is dangerous only for those hairs that grow on the top of the head; only parietal bulbs are sensitive to the destructive effect of the hormone. Hairs that grow at the back of the head are not afraid of testosterone at all and not susceptible to its effect. Thus, they do not fall out even during many years after the transplantation procedure.

In medicine this phenomenon is called donor dominance.

When do results become visible?

Results of hair transplantation (visible changes in hair density, disappearance of bald patches) become visible in 7-12 months after the transplantation procedure.

Is hair transplantation painful?

Hair transplantation is carried out under local anaesthesia. Before the procedure a physician introduces multiple injections of the anesthetic agent into the head skin of a patient (original anesthetic solution developed by RubenHair specialists).

During the procedure a patient stays in full consciousness, feels touches to the head, but doesn’t feel pain!

How soon can I return to work?

Your general physical condition is not effected, you can return to work (or for example, to drive a car) even the next day.

It depends on the following:

– your occupation type;

– number of transplanted grafts;

– hair transplantation site.

Hair follicles fully survive on 7-10 day; this will allow you to return to any kind of activity.

What is not recommended to do after the hair transplantation procedure?

• To drink alcoholic beverages for 5 days.

• To visit baths, saunas, a swimming pool for 2 weeks.

• Heavy physical activity for 2 weeks.

• To stay bareheaded under the sun for 1 month.

• Don’t wash your hair for seven days after the hair transplantation procedure!

What are the different methods of hair transplantation and how do they differ?

Hair transplantation can be divided into two main methods: STRIP method (strip technique with a scar) and the second one, which is more modern seamless and painless, i.e. FUE method (follicular extraction method).

STRIP is a method whereby a skin strip is taken from the occipital zone. Then this material is split into grafts under the microscope. A cosmetic seam should be imposed on that site, from where the skin strip was taken. Taking into account that the formed scar appeared as a result of tension (two skin areas were pulled to stitch the wound) and that with age collagen fibers are stretched, it is expected that after the transplantation this scar remains for life.

FUE is a seamless method. It is good because a skin strip isn’t cut from the occipital area of the head. A surgeon takes out each follicle separately from the occipital and temporal region of the head using binoculars and a special tool and then immediately transplants it in the problem area The advantage of this method is that it is painless and seamless, almost does not leave any traces on the scalp skin of the patient. For the seamless method FUE the hair follicle survival rate is 100%.

How do we do it and how long does the hair transplantation procedure last?

The RubenHair Medical Center uses a unique seamless method technique FUE.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a simple (for the patient), painless and comfortable procedure, after which on the same day you leave home without any scars and stitches.

The process of the hair transplantation procedure by specialists of RubenHair reminds work of “gardeners”. They take bulbs (grafts) from the place rich of them and plant them in another place where nothing grows!

Using special micro instruments the qualified staff of RubenNair manually wind grafts and then transplant them into prepared channels (wells) of the scalp. Bulbs live only for a few hours, so the staff should act quickly and smoothly.

The most important thing in this process is not to damage grafts; otherwise they will not grow and die.

The team of experts of RubenNair are professionals. This is the only way to carry out quickly, accurately and efficiently this laborious and responsible process, which takes usually at least 4-5 hours depending on the number of transplanted hairs.

When all actions are done correctly and faithfully, transplanted hairs will grow for life – no factors will interfere their growth!!!

Когда все действия произведены правильно и верно, то пересаженные волосы будут расти всю жизнь – их росту не помешают уже никакие факторы!!!

How can I contact you if I am in another city, country?

Specialists of our center will provide you with all the necessary information, as well as consultation by e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype. You can also send your photographs to receive a response in detail. A transplant doctor will offer you options to solve hair loss problems as well as tell you the cost of the procedure.

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