At RubenHair medical center of healthy hair, you can arrange a visit to trichologist, a doctor who specializes in hair and scalp care.

Our doctor chooses an individual approach to each patient who came to us with such a touchy issue as poor condition of hair and scalp. 

At your first visit to our center the doctor will:

• Listen to  your complaints;

• Get details about your medical history;

• Ask questions concerning your dietary habits;

• Check the condition of your hair and scalp;

• Assign therapy.

The trichologist focuses on asking the patient about his or her dietary habits and hair treatment, as it goes without saying that these two factors – balanced diet and rational beauty treatment – are considerably important for healthy hair. 

The doctor also takes into account patient’s living conditions and place of living, dietary habits, professional activities, chronic diseases and unspecified health complaints.

What do we treat?

The most typical problems faced by the majority of patients are hair loss, hair thinning and hair growth disorder. Patients also complain of dandruff, scalp itching and rash, poor hair condition and hair thinning. 

Current diagnostic techniques help us make a diagnosis and assign the appropriate combination therapy.

The list of diseases associated with abnormal hair loss includes:


• baldness;

• diffuse alopecia;

• androgenic alopecia;

• alopecia areata.

How do we treat?

We treat each patient taking into account his or her specific character of disease and diagnostic findings. That is why we assign a special therapy to any patient suffering from hair diseases.

We always choose treatment based on the indications for medications, specific nature of the course of therapy and our intention to achieve the best result in each case. 

The treatment includes both external therapy associated with appropriate procedures and scalp massage. Innovative techniques allow us to improve the efficiency of combination therapy.

Individual hair treatment and recovery programs.

Preparing for hair transplantation and aftercare (both stages are quite important and have an impact on the result). 

Hair restoration after colouring, extension and chemical exposure (a treatment program aims to restore hair structure).

Postpartum hair loss treatment (a tailor-made program will help reduce the loss of hair and stimulate its growth as soon as possible). 

At a trichologist’s office, computerized examination of patient’s scalp.

Unnoticeable solution for noticeable problems

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