Mesotherapy is a technique for injecting micro doses of medications into recipient areas according to a special treatment schedule. The appropriate medications and cocktails as well as the stimulation of corresponding spots and reflexogenic zones ensure therapeutical benefit for the patient.   

Mesotherapy is used in trichology to:

  • improve scalp microcirculation;
  • deliver necessary medications and substances directly to the right place; 
  • stabilize the function of sebaceous glands;
  • keep the level of medication in skin;
  • stimulate patient’s regenerative processes.

Mesotherapy is used in trichology in case of:

  • androgenic alopecia (male and female);
  • diffuse alopecia (associated with postpartum complications, previous diseases and stress);
  • seborrhea;
  • deterioration of hair structure (colouring and chemical exposure). 

Individual hair treatment and recovery programs.

Preparing for hair transplantation and aftercare (both stages are quite important and have an impact on the result). 

Hair reconstitution after dyeing, extensions and chemical exposure (treatment program aims to restore the hair structure)Hair restoration after colouring, extension and chemical exposure (a treatment program aims to restore hair structure).

Postpartum hair loss treatment (a tailor-made program will help reduce the loss of hair and stimulate its growth as soon as possible).

Mesotherapy at a trichologist’s office

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