Privacy policy of Ruben Hair defines the terms and conditions of use of the site (Site) and covers on users of the Site.

1. Definition of terms 

The terms used in this Privacy policy have the following meaning:

1.1. Personal Data - information or a set of information about an individual that is identified or identifiable.

1.2. Confidential information - information about an individual, as well as information that is restricted to an individual or a legal entity, except for the authorities. Confidential information may be disseminated at the request (consent) of the person concerned in the manner prescribed by him or her, in accordance with the conditions provided by him, as well as in other cases stipulated by law.

1.3. Protection of information - a set of legal, administrative, organizational, technical and other measures that ensure the preservation, integrity of information and proper access to it.

1.4. Proprietor of confidential information - is a person who possesses confidential information on a legitimate basis and who has restricted access to this information and has set a confidentiality regime for it.

1.5. Access to confidential information - is the disclosure of confidential information to certain persons, with the consent of its owner or other legitimate access to personal data.

1.6. Client - is a natural person who is 18 years of age and has fully accepted all the terms of this privacy policy.

1.7. The counterparty - is the part of the civil contract, the owner of the confidential information has transmitted this information, provided this information is kept confidential.

1.8. Transmission of Confidential Information - the transfer of confidential information recorded on Ruben Hair site by its owner or the owner of the site on the basis of the contract to the extent and on the terms stipulated by the contract, including the condition that the contractual measures adopted by the contractor protecting its privacy.

1.9. Provision of information that is confidential - is the transmission of information that is confidential and recorded on the website of Ruben Hair, its owner to public authorities, other state bodies, local governments for the purpose of performing their functions.

1.10. Disclosure of Confidential Information - an act or omission whereby confidential information, in any possible form (oral, written, other, including by technical means) becomes known to third person without the consent of the owner such information or contrary to a civil contract.


2.1. Confidential information includes:

2.1.1. Personal information provided by the client when leaving comments on the Site or recording the appointment on the Site: telephone, e-mail, name and surname.


3.1. The mode of confidentiality of information is considered established after the Client's consent to the collection, processing, distribution and access to personal data during his visit to the Site.

3.2. By using any part of the Site, Customer agrees to:

3.2.1. the use of personal data implies actions by the owner of the database to process such data, as well as actions to grant partial or full right to process personal data to other subjects of relations related to personal data (Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine «Protection of Personal Data»);

3.2.2. Dissemination of personal data, envisages the actions of the owner of the personal data database on the transfer of information about an individual from the personal data database (Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine «Protection of Personal Data»);

3.2.3. Access to personal data of third parties, determines the actions of the owner of the personal data database in case of receiving a request from a third person for access to personal data, including the procedure for access of the personal data subject to information about himself (Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine «Protection of Personal Data»).


4.1. Client (Site User) has the right to:

4.1.1. use all the technical features of the site;

4.1.2. have access to any public information posted on the Site;

4.1.3. to retain his personal data from third parties on the terms set out in the current legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of this Privacy Policy;

4.1.4. use the information from the site for personal and non-commercial purposes.

4.2. The Client (Site User) undertakes:

4.2.1. indicate reliable personal data recording on the Site;

4.2.2. use the Site only for purposes that are not contrary to applicable Ukrainian law and the principles of reasonableness and morality;

4.2.3. be responsible to third parties for their actions or omissions when using the Site;

4.2.4. independently and at its own expense settle all claims of third parties related to the action or inaction of the Client when using the Site.

4.3. The Client (Site User) is prohibited from:

4.3.1. take actions to mislead other users;

4.3.2. take actions that violate the honor and dignity, rights and freedoms of any person;

4.3.3. to register on the site on behalf of a third party or instead of another person;

4.3.4. share your account and / or login and password with your account to third parties;

4.3.5. post material that is promotional, erotic, pornographic or offensive;

4.3.6. post information that violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties (including posting photos and videos that are the main object of a person, unless that person has consented to post photos or videos of the Site)

4.3.7. host computer viruses or programs capable of interrupting or disrupting the normal functionality of computer hardware and software, as well as any person's telecommunication equipment;

4.3.8. any use of the information from the site for commercial purposes.


5.1. Ruben Hair has the right to:

5.1.1. establish and change in writing the confidential information regime in accordance with applicable law;

5.1.2. use commercially confidential information and / or confidential information for its own purposes in a manner not inconsistent with the law;

5.1.3. allow or deny access to information that is confidential information, determine the terms and conditions of access to that information;

5.1.4. to enter into civil circulation the information which is confidential, on the basis of contracts, which provide for the inclusion in them of the conditions on protection of confidentiality of this information;

5.1.5. require legal and natural persons who have accessed confidential information to public authorities, other state bodies, and local self-government bodies to whom confidential information has been provided, to observe the obligation to protect its confidentiality;

5.1.6. require persons who have accessed confidential information as a result of actions taken accidentally or by mistake to protect the confidentiality of that information;

5.1.7. in the case that the Client places information on the Site or performs other actions that do not comply with the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine and this Privacy Policy, - without information in its sole discretion, delete all or partially posted information by the Client;

5.1.8. changes to the Privacy Policy to further improve the security system in accordance with applicable law;

5.1.9. send to the Client promotional information messages - in case the Client wishes to refuse to receive mailings from Ruben Hair, he must notify Ruben Hair in any convenient way for him.

5.2. Ruben Hair is committed to:

5.2.1. protect its rights and rights of the Clients in accordance with the procedure established by the applicable law and this policy in case of disclosure, unlawful receipt or unauthorized use by third parties of information that is confidential information, including to demand compensation for damages caused in violation of its rights.


6.1. In order to protect the confidentiality of information, Ruben Hair employees who, in accordance with the particularities of their job functions, have access to it are obliged to:

6.1.1. make a written Undertaking of non-disclosure of information constituting confidential information or sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement;

6.1.2. abide the information confidentiality regime;

6.1.3. don’t disclose information that constitutes confidential information, information containing personal data of the Client, and without their consent do not use this information for personal purposes;

6.1.4. don’t disclose the above mentioned information, which is confidential after the termination of the employment contract (contract);

6.1.5. to compensate the Client for the losses, if the employee is guilty of disclosing information that constitutes confidential information, which became known to him in connection with the performance of his work duties;

6.2. The relationship between Ruben Hair and its counterparties in respect of the non-disclosure of confidential information is governed by law, contracts and this privacy policy. In the Ruben Hair Contracts with the counterparties, it specifies the counterparty's non-disclosure clause of information that is commercially confidential and / or confidential.

6.3. Ruben Hair takes all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from accidental and fraudulent access, destruction, tampering or other misconduct.

7. The procedure for storing, using, providing and accounting for confidential information

7.1. Electronic media containing confidential information and electronic storage databases must be encrypted with appropriate security passwords.

7.2. Working with electronic media, without the prior consent of management, employees are not allowed to:

7.2.1. remove copies from electronic media containing confidential information, make copies of such media outside the office, transfer them to other persons who do not have access to trade secrets and / or confidential information;

7.2.2. introduce employees and third parties who do not have access to sensitive information with information that contains sensitive information.

7.4. Information that constitutes confidential information may be provided to counterparties when entering into agreements, upon their request with prior agreement with the owners of personal data.

7.5. Information containing confidential information may be provided exclusively by the head of the clinic or by persons, replacing it only at the written request of representatives of public authorities, control and law enforcement agencies.

7.6. The responsible person shall keep records of electronic media containing confidential information.


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